While many people would suspect that the deadliest foods in the world would be something they would never have in their home like the African bullfrog, pufferfish or hákarl, others would think that the deadliest foods in the world were those that many people were allergic to like milk or wheat. Still, others would suggest that the practice of eating animals like octopus and snake while they are still alive would make them the deadliest in the world. The truth, however, is that you probably have the 10 deadliest foods in your home right now, and these foods are destroying your health.

#10 – Margarine

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, then you might want to go to the refrigerator and throw away that tub or stick of margarine as it tops our list of the most deadly foods in the world. The main reason that margarine is so bad for you is that it has 3 grams of trans-fat per tablespoon. Numerous studies show that the more trans-fats you consume the more likely you are to have a heart attack. In fact, research from Harvard Public Health shows that those people who consumed just 1.5 teaspoons of margarine a day were twice as likely to have a heart attack.

In case you think you might survive a heart attack, there are other reasons that you will want to toss the margarine in the trash. If you are breastfeeding, then it lowers the quality of your breast milk by filling it with trans-fats. It also makes your immune system weaker, so you are more susceptible to every bug that comes along. Finally, eating even a small amount of margarine has been shown to increase blood insulin rates. People who have higher blood insulin rates are more likely to develop diabetes.